Tips for Creating Products that Sell Well

Digital products are no different from physical products in their need to be promoted in order to sell. If no one is interested in the product it doesn’t matter if it comes to you in a box or as a group of gigabytes. Here are some tips to help your products to sell well from the beginning.

We know you don’t buy into the myth that simply having a website or creating a product will make you rich and famous. Good. We can move past debunking and go right to the heart of the matter. How can you ensure that your product will connect with the audience in question and sell? There are no guarantees in life but you can tip the scales decidedly in your favour with some excellent advice.

5 Tips to Get your Product to Sell Well

Build relationships – The people who will buy your product need to be convinced that it will be beneficial to them. When you connect with your readership they learn to trust you. This can be done through email marketing. Stay connected to them with updates about the project and with your business in general. Accept their suggestions and try to incorporate them in your business. Respond to comments on your posts and interact with your readers.

Gain advice – This comes from other business owners. Offer advice in your area of expertise but also ask for it to make a stronger connection with your product and your customers. Attend conferences and other business functions to increase your knowledge and to network as well.

Create a quality product – Use all the tools at your disposal to create a digital product that is both informative and appealing. Make sure your formatting is correct, the images are appropriate, the font is right and the ideas are sound. Test everything until the final product is just what you imagined it will be for you and the customers.

Create a sales page -Sales copy takes a particular skill to write. You can learn it or hire someone else to incorporate your ideas into a cohesive and engaging page. Include all of the reasons why your product is important and what benefits it will have for the customer. Offer product previews so customers can get a snippet of what the actual product is like.

Use customer reviews – Add reviews to your sales page that come from people who received an advanced copy of the product. Encourage those who buy from you to write reviews as well for others to read. Customers are more likely to trust reviews from other customers just like them.

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Different Ways to Sell your Products

Once you create digital products that meet the needs of your audience, it’s time to get them out there and into those hands. Before you market what you have created, think about how and where you will sell them. There is more than one option.

I’ll sell on my website won’t I?

That might be the first choice of someone who already has a web presence like a blog or a full site. But this is not the only option. Websites are easier than ever to set up with hosting companies that offer space, templates, management systems and the like so that all the hard work is done behind the scenes. This is all well and good if you are creating a place for readers to view your information and see what your business is all about.

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• 88% of consumers will perform research online prior to making a purchase
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The #1 Best Way to Promote an Affiliate Offer

Quick, what’s the best way to promote an affiliate offer?

Plenty of aspiring affiliates might rattle off answers such as “Use Facebook!” or “Drive traffic with Google AdWords.”

Sadly, these and similar answers are all wrong.


Because if you send traffic directly to the vendor page, then you’ll never hear from up to 99% of this traffic again. A handful of people will buy the product, but the rest will just disappear into the wind. Forever.

What should you do instead?

Focus on building a list of prospects first. And once you get them on your list, THEN you can promote affiliate offers to them.

To that end, here’s how to create an enticing multi-part ecourse that will help you build a relationship with your subscribers plus promote affiliate products and other offers…

Step 1: Find Out What Your Audience Wants.

Before you sit down to write your multi-part ecourse, you need to first decide what product you intend to promote within the ecourse.

The easiest way to do that is pick a proven product, meaning one that’s already selling well in your market.

Step 2: Choose Your 7-12 Lesson Topics.

Once you’ve picked your product, then you need to decide what to write about. This is actually easy – just base your seven to twelve emails on the same topic as your product.

Example #1: Let’s say you’re promoting a book about dog training. You might create a seven-email series like this:

• Email 1: Housetraining the dog.
• Email 2: Teaching the dog to sit.
• Email 3: Teaching the dog to lie down.
• Email 4: Teaching the dog good leash manners.
• Email 5: Teaching the dog to stay.
• Email 6: Teaching the dog good house manners.
• Email 7: Breaking the dog of bad habits and behaviors.

Example #2: Let’s say you’re promoting a physical product, like a George Forman Grill. In that case, you might create an email series around how to make great steaks, burgers and other healthy meals. Naturally, every email would promote the grill as a healthy, fast way to create these meals.

Step 3: Create the Content.

Your last step is to create the actual content for your emails.

Here’s what I want you to remember if you’re selling information products: Your course should be useful but incomplete.

That means the content should be useful for the reader, so that he can take action and get some results or a partial solution to his problem. Alternatively, it should teach the reader something important about a process.

Either way, the information should also be incomplete, so that the reader needs to buy the product you’re promoting in order to get the full instructions (and better results).

Each email you send should include a link to the affiliate product you’re promoting. It doesn’t need to be a hard sell, especially in the beginning of your series. Instead, all you have to do is embed links in your email with a call to action, which is where you tell your reader to click on those links.

Example: “You just learned how to teach your puppy to sit. But that’s just one small step towards turning your pup into a well-behaved dog. To discover how the world’s best dog trainers create such good dogs, go to  [insert your affiliate link]”

You now know how to create an exciting eCourse that promotes your affiliate links.

You also know what you need to do … put it into practice!

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