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There are some people, products and practices that are “game-changers”. When they are deployed, good things happen. The way we do things, the way we view things, the way we think about things … and the resulting outcomes are affected, oftentimes drastically.
Look at just a few examples…


Unquestionably, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan and Elvis Presley were all “game-changers”. Jobs almost single-handedly resurrected Apple from the dead and birthed an entire industry. No one could come into a basketball game and completely take over like Jordan, who seemingly could score at will. Elvis forever changed the music industry with his style and charisma which pushed the envelope to the point of early censorship.


The assembly line, indoor plumbing and smart phones are all “game-changers” as well. Mass production originated with Henry Ford’s assembly line and has been modeled ever since in countless industries. Do you take a bathroom break in an “outhouse”? Neither do I, and it’s because of the innovative idea of indoor plumbing that we have this oft-unappreciated luxury. At one time a landline phone was the game-changer, then mobile phones took it a step further. Today’s smartphones are an unbelievable technological breakthrough.


Things we do like marathon training, mission trips and fundraising can be added to the list of “game-changers”. Back in the day people just ran, but with the development of training programs, marathoners can run faster with less injuries than ever before. Strategic evangelistic efforts have allowed churches and other ministries to impact more lives than ever before, including people previously unreached at all. There’s no doubt that fundraising has forever influenced how charities and causes of all levels can provide the financial backing they need to exist

We all recognize a “game-changer” when we see it, or when someone points it out to us.

But, what exactly is a “game-changer”? Here’s the definition I use…

 That which positively alters the overall outcome.

Words like “impact“, “influence“, and “effect” all come to mind. “Game-changers” are the people, products and practices that change things for the good.

Recently Peter took a look back and jotted down the ten things which have impacted his business the most over the past couple of years. He calls them…


Business Changers!

Each of these “truths” has positively altered the overall outcome of his business. Said another way, each of them has made him more money than I would have made without them.

Rather than share them with VIP coaching clients in a high-ticket consultation, he decided to put them down in an affordable report so that ALL people could learn from them…

Business Changers:
10 Truths For Turbo-Charging Your Internet Business Profit

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Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a long-term veteran of Internet business like myself, the “business-changers” that I share in this report will prove to be invaluable to you.

Some might be important reminders of where to focus your efforts and others will be eye-opening insights you’ve never thought about before.

Here are just a few things you’ll learn when you download your copy today…
  • His “top ten” truths for growing any Internet business including the easiest way to grow your business (see truth #2), the one source of traffic you need to focus on (see truth #3) and the best way to generate long-term profit (see truth #5)!
  • The one “repeated change” (see truth #6) that he has done repeatedly over the years to double, triple and even quadruple his profit from projects … which can be completed in less than an hour in most cases!
  • A powerful strategy (see truth #7) that he attributes to his “staying power” as a top internet marketer for well over a decade while many others have fallen away and are no longer making a living online – if you follow nothing else, this is a mandatory step because without it you are almost certainly going to fail!
  • What every successful Internet marketer he knows does in order to expand his or her business to reach income levels that would be unimaginable without utilizing this strategy! Hint: It is the difference maker for anyone who has hit a plateau or is “stuck”! (see truth #8)
  • The most often quoted INCORRECT business truth that leaves countless money on the table – and how you can successfully add in the “missing ingredient” to clear the table and put spendable cash in your pocket! (see truth #4)

In all, there are ten “business changers” – any one of which can “positively alter the overall outcome” of your Internet business!

NOTEBusiness Changers is a Special Report, it’s not a full-blown home study course. It’s not a “how-to” manual, but rather more like a personal business journal of Peter’s where he shares things that have been influential in his own success and the success of his clients. Regardless of your level of experience, there is something in this report for you!

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