Product Creation For Seniors And Retirees

There are many good reasons why you should create your own products for your online business. Promoting affiliate products is fine and if you do it right you can make significant commissions. But when you have your own product it will raise your status to an expert with your visitors.
The other good thing about having your own product is that you own the customers. In an affiliate marketing scenario, the customers are owned by the product vendors. In addition, you can sell your product and keep all of the revenue. There is no sharing with anyone else unless you want to do this.
As a product owner you can recruit affiliates to promote your product in exchange for a commission. This will bring you in far more sales than you could achieve working alone. You will need to pay your affiliates 50% commissions or so but it will be worth it for the additional sales and customers that you will gain.
Create the Product Yourself
Once you have decided what product you want to create then you could do all of the work yourself. This will certainly be the cheapest option but it will probably take you quite a while to create a product of the highest quality. We strongly recommend that any product you create be high-quality as this will minimize refunds and have your customers wanting more.
If you are a good writer then you can create a comprehensive eBook in a few days if you are dedicated to the task. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the number of words you need to write. The value that your product provides is much more important.
You could create a video training product. People prefer videos to reading eBooks these days and you can charge a higher price as the perceived value is higher. There is a lot of work involved in creating high-quality video training and you need the right tools such as an HD camera, good quality microphone, screen capture software, video editing software etc.
Outsource some or all of your Product Creation
There are talented freelancers available that will be delighted to help you with your product creation. This can be anything from eBook writing, writing high-converting copy for sales pages and sales videos, graphic design, video creation and more.
Finding good freelancers can be a challenge and we recommend that you look on popular gig sites such as and You can also find good freelancers on forums such as the Warrior Forum.
It will be an investment for you when you outsource some or all of your product creation. But if you don’t have graphic design skills or copywriting skills then it is best to use a freelancer that can do this work for you.
Use Private Label Rights (PLR) Products
One of the quickest ways that you can create your own product is to use PLR materials. This is content created by someone else that you pay for and have the right to change it to make it your own. These days there are some very high-quality PLR packages available.
We recommend that you make quite a few changes to the PLR to make it unique. Just adding your name as the author is not enough. Rewrite sections of the content so that it reflects your style. Use a different title for the product and get new graphics and copy created.


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