Recommended Resources

Zero to Hero How to Create a High-Quality and Profitable Info Product in Just 31 Days.

AffiliateCommissionGamePlan by Nick James.
The affiliate commission business is one of the BEST, easiest and most profitable business models you’ll ever find and yet a startling number of people aren’t successful for one simple reason. Once you know this reason -and you know what to do instead- you can’t help but succeed as an affiliate!

WebTrafficMasterPlan by Nick James.
Introducing The Web Traffic Master Plan – Your Guide to the “Best of the Best” Free Traffic Strategies! With every issue, you get the F.U.E.L. you need for driving thousands of new targeted web visitors to your site…

The Millionaire Manual by Peter Shaw
When running, or even starting a business, it is of utmost importance to have the right mindset.
However, the fact remains that as a business owner, you’ll need to develop the right mindset. No matter how educated, experienced, or passionate you are — having a winning business mindset will help you. Your mindset will make a difference in how you conduct your business and make personal decisions.
This course will walk you through my Success Code techniques for creating as much wealth as you want.
ALL of these techniques are either brand new or spin offs of timeless success ideas. My best technique will alter your way of thinking to bring you closer to achieving your goals day by day.
We become what we think about. This technique ensures we think about what we want 24/7.
Don’t even think about starting any sort of business without reading this book first!

WordPress for Beginners 2020 by Dr. Andy Williams
A visual step-by step guide to mastering WordPress