Seniors And Retirees Selling Services Online

Selling “in demand” services online can be very lucrative for seniors and retirees. This is possible even if you do not have any marketable skills. Many business owners and individuals are looking for high-quality services and when you get in front of these people you can make a lot of money.
If you worked for a company or ran your own business for a number of years then it is possible that you have some skills that other people will pay top dollar for. We will take a look at some of the most popular services that people look for online in this article.
What Services are in demand?
Virtually every business these days has a website. They want their website to attract customers for their business but a lot of people do not know how to go about this properly. You can help them to achieve their goals.
Here are some of the most in demand skills that website owners need:
• Content writing
• Copywriting
• Graphic design
• Search engine optimization (SEO)
• Social media marketing
• Website development
• Website troubleshooting
Every website needs good quality content to keep their visitors happy and the search engines. To rank high in the search results, a website needs fresh and unique content posted regularly. A lot of website owners do not have the time or the inclination to write this content and if you have good writing skills then you can perform this service for them.
Converting website visitors into leads and customers requires persuasive copy and if you have copywriting skills then you can make a ton of money. A lot of websites are sadly lacking in this department and if you can create copy that provides an online business with more leads and sales then you are on to a winner.
Do you have graphic design skills? If so, you can make a lot of money by offering this service online. There are always people looking for logo design, product graphics design and more. Turn your talents into profits.
All websites need traffic so if you have SEO skills or social media marketing skills then promote these and make money. Everyone wants their web pages to be on the first page of the Google search results and they also want a good following on their social media profiles.
If you are a whizz with website design and development then there are plenty of people looking for these skills every day. Fixing broken websites is also in great demand as website owners need their sites to be available all of the time.
Drop Servicing
If you don’t have the skills yourself then you can still profit from the demand for services online. This is known as “drop servicing” or “services arbitrage” and the way that it works is that you find the customers and then outsource the work to competent freelancers.
You charge the customers more than you pay the freelancers and you will make a profit. There are some very talented people on that charge very little for their services. You can mark up their price significantly to make a healthy profit from being in the middle.
It is essential that you find talented freelancers that are reliable for your drop servicing business. Test them out to see how good they are. You can use PPC ads to drive traffic to your drop servicing website.

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