Three Top Tips

Here’s what’s inside each issue:

Issue 1

1. List:  How To Create A Monthly Newsletter That Your Subscribers Can’t Wait to Read
2. Traffic: The Real Key (Which You Already Know) To Getting Clicks (Which You Aren’t Getting Right)
3. Offers: Top 5 Ways To Create Content That People Pay For (When So Much Free Stuff Is Available)

Issue 2

1. List: 17 Different Types of Lead Magnets Your Audience Will Love
2. Traffic: How to Create Guest Blog Posts That Other People Want to Publish
3. Offers: How to Brainstorm Dozens of Product Ideas

Issue 3

1.  List: How to Create a More Profitable List Using Segmentation
2. Traffic: How to Get Your Affiliates Promoting Your Offers Like Crazy
3. Offers: How to Find Out What’s Selling Like Crazy in Your Niche (So That You Can Sell It Too)

Issue 4

1. List: How to Use Email Personalization to Boost Response
2. Traffic: How to Craft Social Media Content That Gets Clicks
3. Offers: The Keys to Selling a Lot of Affiliate Offers

Issue 5

1.  List: How to Create Email Teasers That Get Clicks
2. Traffic: The Four Essential Keys for Creating Viral Content
3. Offers: How to Find and Use PLR Content to Create Stunningly Popular Products

Issue 6

1.  List: Why Creating a Multipart Course is Such a Powerful Lead Magnet
2. Traffic: How to Create Content That Boosts Your Visibility in the Search Engines
3. Offers: The Five Keys to Creating a High-Ticket Offer

Issue 7

1.  List: How to Establish Yourself as a Niche Authority With Your Newsletter
2. Traffic: 5 Joint Ventures You Can Do Starting Today to Generate Red-Hot Traffic
3. Offers: How to Create Bonuses That Boost Conversions

Issue 8

1.  List: 7 Ways to Open a Newsletter
2. Traffic: How to Find Influencers to Help You Promote Your Site
3. Offers: How to Quickly Create a High-Quality Product – Without Writing It Yourself

Issue 9

1.  List: How to Create CTAs that Get Results
2. Traffic: How to Drive Traffic Using Repurposed Content
3. Offers: The Secret of Adding Value to Any Product to Create Uber-Satisfied Customers

Issue 10

1.  List: 7 Tips for Creating Emails That Get Opened and Get Read
2. Traffic: How to Build a Community That Establishes You as An Expert and Generates a Lot of Traffic
3. Offers: How to Quick and Easily Create Products the Hands-Free Way

Issue 11

1.  List: How to Create a High-Converting Email Series
2. Traffic: How to Get Your Best Customers to Refer Their Friends
3. Offers: Five Keys to Creating Infoproducts That Sell Like Crazy

Issue 12

1.  List: Troubleshooting a Cold, Unresponsive List
2. Traffic: How to Drive Traffic Using Optimized YouTube Videos
3. Offers: How to Create a High-Value Product That Has a Super-Low Refund Rate


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